& Methods

I was awarded an SSA Fellowship in 2021. My Fellowship aims to understand factors that influence young adults’ perceptions of vaping harms and how perceptions can be modified.

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I am the England co-lead of the ITC Project, which is the first ever international cohort study of tobacco use. ITC aims to measure the impact of key tobacco control policies, and is a collaborative effort with international health organizations and policymakers in over 30 countries.

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E-cigarette Marketing and Packaging

I am a collaborator on a Cancer Research UK funded project which aims to examine youth and adult responses to e-cigarette marketing and packaging in England, Canada, and the US.

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Survey Data Analyses

Analyse and publish survey data to help understand patterns and trends in tobacco and nicotine product use and perceptions, and the impact of policies (e.g., the menthol cigarette ban in England, age of sale, health warnings).

Surveys included the Action on Smoking and Health (ASH) Smokefree surveys, ITC surveys, and the Canadian Nicotine and Tobacco Survey (CTNS).

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Market Scans

Led scans of the e-cigarette online retail market in Canada and the UK to help understand how the market responds to policies.

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Systematic Reviews

Led systematic reviews examining predictors of smoking and vaping behaviours and interventions to change vaping risk perceptions.

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Qualitative Research

Analysed qualitative data to help understand smokers risk perceptions of IQOS (a novel heated tobacco product) and the language used to describe IQOS.

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